Available in, 0mg to 36mg of nicotine


Absolute Menthol –  Purely minty fresh menthol.

Dry Blend –  Our most popular tobacco flavor.  It is mild and sweet, without the dirty aftertaste that traditional cigarettes leave behind.

Dry Blend Menthol –  Nutty tobacco flavor with a dash of menthol.

Fine Cigar –  Strong, smooth, sweet and simple cigar flavor.

Full Flavor – A rich and robust full flavored tobacco.

Full Flavor Menthol –  A rich and robust full flavored tobacco with menthol.

Golden Blend –  A hint of sweet tobacco, with a bit more of a rich robust flavor.

Marlo Red –  Smooth and mild like your favorite red box brand.

Marloberry –  Sweet and bitter just like a blackberry with a nice tobacco flavor.

Marloberry Menthol –  Nutty dry blend tobacco flavor with a hint of sweet Blackberry and the freshness of menthol.

Smokey Treat –  A very rich taste for those with a sweet tooth, a smokey caramel flavor with a touch of chocolate and vanilla.

Sweet Blend –  Provides a robust, delicious tobacco flavor unique to our product line.

Sweet N’ Mild –  Our Sweet N’ Mild liquid will bring back memories of a sweet, creamy cigarillo.

Trifecta -  Triple tobacco treat.


Customs Blends, Fruits, Drinks & Sweets:

Banana Cream Pie -  Wholesome and rich banana flavor topped off with a meringue whipped cream taste.

Black Cherry –  Fresh black cherry, smooth but not too sweet.

Bluegranate –  A nice blend of blueberry and pomegranate.

Caramel Kettle Corn –   A rich, buttery, straight of the boardwalk taste.  Like downy ocean hon.

Cherry Cola –  Lush sensation of cola bursting with cherry.

Chocolate Banana –  Frozen chocolate-shell banana sweet taste.

Chocolate Strawberry –  Sweet and refreshing taste of fresh strawberries coated in rich milk chocolate.

Cinnamon Candy –  Like a fireball candy, a little less heat.

Cinnamon Roll -  Rich buttery cinnamon bun flavored treat.

Coffee –  Savory, tantalizing taste of kona coffee, rich and nutty.

Dragons Blood –  Magical raspberry, strawberry and pomegranate concoction.

German Chocolate Coffee –  Rich and creamy, amazing toasted coconut after taste.

Grape -  A refreshing grape soda flavor.

Gummy Bears -  Sweeeeeeeeet.

Irish Cream –  Bold yet mellow creamy blend.

Kiwi Banana –  Great mix of juicy kiwi and ripe banana.

Kiwi Strawberry – Mouth watering kiwi, bathed in strawberries

Lemonade On A Stick –  A refreshing sweet lemonade flavor, perfect for hot days out in the sun.

Manic Mango -   Slightly tangy sweet tropical fruit flavor.

Manic Melons – A crazy blend of 3 watermelon flavors.

Over The Rainbow -  Tastes like your imagination…

Pina Colada -  Right from the bar.

Pinealoupe –  A perfect blend of pineapple and cantaloupe.

Pinealoupe Ice – A wonderful combination of pineapple and cantaloupe blended with fresh menthol.

Root Beer –  Savory and delicious with a mouthwatering bite.

Screaming Mimosa –  A combination of nectarine, champagne and mimosa taste to get our screaming mimosa.

Sex On The Beach –  A sexy blend of cranberry, peach and orange that is sure to turn on your tongue.

Snickerdoodle –  Straight out of the oven cookie richness sprinkled with sharp cinnamon sweetness make a nice and warm delectable

flavor that will crumble onto your taste buds.

Strawberry Champagne –  Delectable bubbly taste with a refreshing hint of strawberry.

Strawberry Mango-  –  A fabulous blend of sweet strawberries and mango.

Strawberry Mango Freeze –  A fabulous blend of sweet strawberries, mango and the freeze of menthol.

Strawberry Milkshake -  Sweet thick creamy strawberry flavor mixed with ice cream.

Sweetberries -   A delicious blend of brown sugar, butter and cookie that will last all day.

Tropic Thunder –  This mixture of strawberry, pineapple and orange will sweep you away to the tropics!

Vanilla Sunrise –  A smooth vanilla custard like flavor.

Watermelon Ice –  Refreshing juicy watermelon with cooling menthol.

Watermelon Rancher –  Flavorful candy like watermelon taste.​


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